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War of Galaxy - Das ultimative Browsergame

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Smoke penetrated through all cracks of the doors and windows and spread in the palace of the emperor the smell, which announced a dying of its city.
The view of the old emperor was full mourning and fear as it from the window looked and saw like its people panisch by the burning roads ran. In the sky whole squadrons of mosquito jets and space jets hunted there which fired inexorably on humans. However the shock waves of the air, which the battle ships of the opponents drove ago before itself, tore whole house rows. The enormous masses of the ships colluded the sky. Thickens if luminous beam, which was shot from the orbit of these Kolosse, broad Krater struck across the city. One already saw the aggressors farther back the raw materials of the city plündern.

The emperor turned straight again away from the window as the door jumped up and a young man with hasty steps came in here.
“Father! ”, he said, “the colony-ship is available. Our former allied ones placed to us a few raw materials ready and us a galaxy made in which we to begin again to be able. Most planets are still completely uninhabited there. Come, father! We must hurry! The men cannot offer any longer long resistance to the aggressors!”
The old emperor vibrated slowly the head. It interpreted from the window: “That, my son, is my city. On this planet I spent my whole life and am these humans my people there. If this planet falls falls, I with it. I could never forgive it me from the planet to have fled where my people died, because I was not able it to defend.”
“However we need you on the new planet. ”, the son answered.
“No. ”, the emperor said matt smiling. It went toward its son and put both hands on its shoulders, “you is now at the row a people to be led.”
“Please comes along, father. ”, the voice of the young man had a flehenden Unterton. Again the father vibrated the head. Its resolution was certain.
“Go now, make it better than I did. You determines a great emperor be. ”, the father said. The son fell it around the neck and suppressed its tears. Shaken by the shots of the aggressors, the soil among them caught easily to tremble already on. The father pressed his son of itself, smiled still another mark and said then: “I am very proud on you.”
With a last desperate view into the eyes of his father the son turned and began to run. It reached the Kolonisationsschiff. Behind it it was locked and it for main headers immediately off. They were hardly except range a Arkonbombe were ignited, which released an atomic fire on the planet among them. After shortest time the planet worked like a small zerfressene sun and a few instants later already exploded it and left only a close smoke cloud.
A tear ran over the face of the son, who had seen from a hatch of the ship. But then it turned and saw into the hopeful faces of the women and children, who stood around it. The son knew that he would be strong and he swore himself that he a good leader will be and its people as soon as they were with their new planet to fame and honour would lead….

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